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Deep Heart Prison Work Charity

Unparalleled Experience In Working To Change The Lives Of Those Incarcerated

13 years and over 400 events in some of the largest, highest security, and worst prisons in the world.

​"in 26 years behind bars, this is the best thing I have seen. This event changed my life"
-MArvin H.  Kansas, USA

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We offer a dynamic, therapeutic, and life-changing event to help rehabilitate those incarcerated at no cost to the correctional facility.

We perform an educational, inspirational, and transformative show of music, magic, comedy, theater, dance, motivational speaking, and cultural elements from around the world. This creates a dynamic platform that allows us to capture the attention of those incarcerated from all walks of life and help them gain a new perspective on their lives. It is our personal connection through the event that produces an unforgettable, and often, life-changing experience. 

For the past 13 years, we have had breakthrough success in touching the lives of tens of thousands of inmates through more than 400 shows in prisons across multiple countries.


Deep Heart is a registered 501c3 Public Charity with a Platinum Transparency Rating On Candid Guidestar

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Our team has performed 400+ live events in state and federal prisons, from minimum to maximum security.

We have published & distributed 70,000 physical copies of our magazine for those incarcerated & over 500,000 digital copies

We have distrubuted over 1300 DVD videos of our virtual performance & 1.5 million inmates can access it digitally.

Watch the performance here:

Rise From Rubble

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"Ever since you have been here this place hasn't been the same. The show, the sincerity of your group, and the message that you shared with the men have significantly impacted their behavior, and in turn that has helped our correctional officers and administrators as well. And so on behalf of all of us here, I thank you with all my heart."
-Humberto, M. Prison Warden, Brazil


Working With Gangs & Hardcore Individuals

Our event is specifically designed to reach and to help rehabilitate incarcerated individuals who would be considered hardcore, gang members, and others who would not otherwise respond to programs. We use a unique approach of rap, rock, hip-hop, break dance, and other hardcore music and elements specifically crafted to appeal to those coming from street-life and those with the "tough guy" image so that we can reach those who are often labeled "unreachable."

Approximately 70% of men who are incarcerated in California have come from foster homes, similar statistics are relevant for many states in the USA and other countries around the world. 

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"I got more practical help from your show in 2 hours than I got from some other programs I attended for years."

Dustin, F.  | Inmate in Federal Prison 2023

Frequently Asked Questions:

Duration: 1.5- 2.5 hours

Space Needed: We can adjust to accommodate each facility and the space available. Ideally, we need about 8 meters by 8 meters for our show plus, of course, adequate spacing for the size of the audience.

Equipment: We bring all the equipment necessary. When possible, we ask that the audience has chairs, but of course, in some places/patios, this is not possible. 

Cost: We cover all the costs involved and do not charge for the show. 

The Event

Our events typically last between 1.5 and 2.5 hours,  depending on the time allotment. Using artistic elements of international culture, magic illusions, rap, comedy, music, theater, dance choreography, and more, we capture the attention of the audience and create a platform by which we can bring education,  inspiration, and shared life experiences.


It is a restorative, therapeutic, and rehabilitating event intended to stimulate the minds of the audience, activating their thinking process, and leading them on a path that will help them make better choices both in prison and when they are reinserted into society. Our personal roots are Catholic and our work is inspired by the love of God the Father and the ecumenical words of Jesus. However, we do not represent nor promote any church, religion, or denomination. It is not a religious show. Through our show, we interweave a message of how to deal with trauma, how to fight depression, the need to forgive our enemies, brotherhood, how to repair relationships with family members, mental focus, and personal accountability and transformation. The show is entertaining, helpful, and a positive experience for people from all walks of life, backgrounds, religions, races, and creeds, including those who are non-religious and may not believe in God. We are a public charity and not affiliated with any group, denomination, or religion in any way. 

Using a mix of high-quality secular music from multiple genres including rock, trance, chill, rap, pop, classical, and cinematic music, we create a unique environment within the prison area that is uplifting, entertaining, and inspiring. We treat those incarcerated with warmth, respect, and dignity, which disarms them and creates a comfortable and friendly atmosphere when we begin our show.

Because of this unique dynamic, we are able to present to large groups of prisoners at the same time and have done so without any incident whatsoever in more than 400 shows, from minimum to maximum level 5 security, for tens of thousands of inmates for over 13 years.

“This is not just a show. You should not merely call it a “show” because it is much more than that. What you just did can change someone’s life." 

Denise V. Prison Warden| Manilla, Philippines

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Unparalleled Experience

In Security & Protocols

We have performed in numerous facilities each with its own unique protocols and security procedures, including visits to inmates on death row and those in solitary confinement. We have also performed in level-5 maximum security facilities and Federal Prisons. 

Having worked extensively in all types of penitentiaries we understand the unique details, routines, processes, and procedures within each correctional facility. We are familiar with and comfortable with any situation that may arise during a prison visit.

We have undergone rigorous background checks and volunteer training sessions, and hold extensive credentials in multiple states across the USA  and other countries. 

We can personally provide both national and international references and contacts of wardens, directors, generals, and colonels in the military, members of the police, heads of security, volunteers, and individuals for the verification of our work if necessary.

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"This project brought a much-needed cultural and entertainment program that helped ease tensions at our facility during a time of a lot of conflict and at the same time promoted personal transformation in the lives of the prisoners... ...They will always be very welcome here..."

Col. Marcelo Gayer 
Director Of The Central Prison Of Porto Alegre, Brazil. Once considered the largest and worst prison in the region. 


I have worked here for 30 years and never seen the men respond to anyone the way they have responded to you. The positive comments I have received from those attending your event have been remarkable. In the rap, hip hop dance, music and magic...  You are speaking their language in a way that others cannot.



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Activating The Brain

There are 86 Billion Neurons In Each Of Our Brains

Albert Einstein said: "Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think". Earth's largest supercomputer is the human brain, and every inmate has one. It is possible to think 70,000 or more thoughts a day, with neurons firing faster than the speed of sound, but often the thought process of those in incarcerated remains or can become dormant. Mental atrophy is often the root cause of crime and animal-like behavior.


Through our presentation, we work to activate neurological impulses and stimulate new patterns in the brain. Our goal is to begin a thought process that will continue long after we leave and ripple through their lives. If an incarcerated individual can think, be creative, draw, create, exercise, forgive, forget, and change, he will feel a greater level of self-esteem because he sees himself as an agent of creativity and achievement rather than destruction.


This helps break the cycles of drugs and violence and mental atrophy as they begin to use their intelligence and ability to a greater end.

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Using The Science Of Music

Music changes the way the brain works to promote better learning. 

Music is scientifically proven to make changes in our brains, improving cognitive functions, creative thoughts, and memories. It is one of the few things on earth that can stimulate almost all areas of the brain simultaneously. Music also fights depression and can offer emotional release.


We use colorful elements and visual graphic cues to increase learning and retention. About 90% of all learning is visual and someone is 60% more likely to remember something if it is tied to a visual cue. So, for this reason, we use music and artistic elements that are visually impactful to communicate at a more effective level.


In over 40 years of experience in more than 55 countries, we have seen that music has the phenomenal ability to transcend cultural differences and connect with hundreds of people at the same time.

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