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An Unforgetable experience

A Show to Touch Hearts & Inspire Minds
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Changing lives with music and art. 

We offer a dynamic live event of music, world-class magic tricks, theater, cultural dances, martial arts demonstrations, comedy, live vocalists, and other artistic routines.


Through the show, we bring an unforgettable experience for individuals from all walks of life. Through our music and art, we bring a message of hope, inspiration, and sincere love to touch the lives of the audience and offer a time of happiness in a world of great pain and suffering.

For more than 15 years we have touched the lives of tens of thousands all of people in over 50 countries around the world. 

We perform in many arenas such as cultural events with the government, schools, ONGs, parishes, favelas, and special events, as well as events for homeless shelters, in orphanages, youth centers, and in prisons. 

Preview Video:

Day of The Dream, World Charity Event,
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 2019

"The show was absolutely terrific. Great thanks for what you do. You are a great source of hope. May God bless you always."

Father David Link

Dean Emeritus,

University of Notre Dame

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"Seeing your show, was the best day of my life."

Sandy G.  | High School Student, Rio 2019


Duration: 1.5h - 2.5h

Space Needed: We can adjust to each environment and space. Ideally, we need about 35 ft wide by 35 ft for our show plus adequate spacing for the size of the audience.

Equipment: We bring all the equipment necessary.

Cost: We cover all the costs involved and do not charge for the show. If transportation for our team and equipment to the event were possible, it would make things much easier for us. 

Audience: Each show that we perform requires an enormous amount of energy, time, effort, and use of our limited resources. We are thrilled to be able to provide this event, we only ask you to communicate accurately the size of the audience that we will be in attendance and the time that we will be allotted for the show. So that we can make adequate arrangements.


The Event

Our events typically last between an hour and a half to two hours. depending on the time allotment. Using artistic elements of international culture, magic illusions, rap (with edifying lyrics), comedy, music, theater, dance choreography, and more, we capture the attention of the audience by providing world-class entertainment and cultural expressions from around the world alongside education, inspiration, and shared life experiences.


It is a restorative, therapeutic, and rehabilitating event, intended to stimulate the minds of the audience, activate their thinking process, and inspire them in their individual lives, with their families, and in their communities. Our personal roots are Catholic and our work is inspired by the love of God the Father and the ecumenical words of Jesus. However, we do not represent nor promote any church, religion, or denomination. The show is not a religious show but is entertaining, helpful, and a positive experience for people from all walks of life, backgrounds, religions, races, and creeds, including those who are non-religious and may not believe in God. Through our art we interweave a message of core values, how to avoid the tragedies of drugs and violence, how to deal with trauma, how to fight depression, how to care about other and love one another, the need to forgive others, how to repair relationships with family members, mental focus, personal discipline and the need for personal growth and transformation. We are a public charity and not affiliated with any group, denomination, or religion in any way.  It is a fun and beautiful moment certain to leave a lasting sense of hope. 

We often perform with state and city governments, community events,  with large charities, in favelas, parishes, street markets, city plazas, and other events.